The actual series that I am working on, and would like to move forward is the Temporary Images. My impression is we live in the era of the imaginary overproduction. Almost every image character has been seen before, every picture is similar to an other one, there is an image under every image. Only the nuances and the gentle shade differences can raise any more interest. My purpose is to create an imagetype that has not an exact state, that is changable, withdrawable so it can be considered as temporary image

With the current pieces of the series I wanted to generate a form, where rigid elements can connect to each other in a free, spontaneous order. The smaller, regular parts are shaping a bigger, irregular structure, and the whole construction is fastened with a cargo strap. Using the movable strap I could build up temporary, pop up compositions, an image type, what is anytime variable. It is an ever changing visual entity, a real captured moment fixed and framed by an industrial tool, the cargo strap. Other case is, when I leave the square fields blank, without any visual information, and I use the surface of the strap for pictures. An image covered strap is like an endless pictureline, refers to a story, or some kind of chronological elements. White for me is the state without information, the painterly, and digital emptiness.

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